Dr. Clay Siegall’s Quest for a Cure

There are several things that make Seattle based biotechnology company Seattle Genetics stand out from the rest of the crowd. First, they are hard at work discovering cures for cancer. Second, unlike other players in the industry, they have no intention of selling out to one of the bigger companies. Located in a building that […]

Privatization of Public Entities to Revamp Brazilian Economy; Felipe Montoro Jens

Brazilian identity in the 20th century was globally appreciated unlike it is now in the 21st century, thanks to economic stability then. Apparently, Brazil has been in an economic recession period which has made it lag behind technologically. Economic experts such as Felipe Montoro Jens among others have settled for a public corporation to be […]

How Rick Smith’s Mettle Is Growing Securus Technologies

Mr. Rick Smith is unstoppable. Thanks to his hard work and sheer dedication, anything he touches seems to turn into gold. He has been working with many companies. And needless to say, they have managed to realize incredible profit margins which are the same blueprint that he is currently duplicating at Securus Technology where he […]

The ever-growing role AI Technologies Is Taking In Digital Marketing And E-Commerce

One of the most influential technologies in the modern world is the artificial intelligence. Its impact is being felt in almost all sectors and industries. Job operation, especially in digital marketing and e-commerce, is increasingly becoming subject to Artificial intelligence. Most importantly, the areas of digital marketing and e-commerce are experiencing such influence, and it […]

Drew Madden Highlights The Importance Of Improving Cancer Health Medical Apps

In a healthcare commentary, Drew Madden, a healthcare IT entrepreneur, said that cancer health medical apps need to be improved. Citing a research by the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, Drew posited that as much as these apps have a greater potential, many of them lack basic development and appropriate testing. Most cancer apps in […]