The ever-growing role AI Technologies Is Taking In Digital Marketing And E-Commerce

One of the most influential technologies in the modern world is the artificial intelligence. Its impact is being felt in almost all sectors and industries. Job operation, especially in digital marketing and e-commerce, is increasingly becoming subject to Artificial intelligence. Most importantly, the areas of digital marketing and e-commerce are experiencing such influence, and it […]

Drew Madden Highlights The Importance Of Improving Cancer Health Medical Apps

In a healthcare commentary, Drew Madden, a healthcare IT entrepreneur, said that cancer health medical apps need to be improved. Citing a research by the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, Drew posited that as much as these apps have a greater potential, many of them lack basic development and appropriate testing. Most cancer apps in […]

Rocketship Education Creating Equity in the Land Of Opportunity

The Rocketship Education is a non-profit making network of public charter schools, working with the local communities, organizations, stakeholders, educators, and parents to create an ecosystem of high-quality public schools in San Jose. This initiative targets low-income children and first English language learners, on their journey to a college education. Owing to these efforts, 25 […]

Eric Lefkofsky: Opening the Door to New Possibilites

In 2015 Billionaire Eric Lefkofsky Co-founded Tempus, a Chicago based company focused on using genomic sequencing to help doctors personalize cancer treatment. Recently they have raised 70$ million in their recent funding round from investors Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates. This bringing them to around 130$ million since the startup began. Lefkofsky has also […]

The Brain behind Kerrisdale Capital Management, Mr. SahmAdrangi

The C.E.O of Kerrisdale Capital Management founder SahmAdrangi, aged 33, has taken part in every way of the company’s progression from the time of its establishment in 2009. He started his profession in money savings with a few associates of Deutsche Bank where he later became a successful specialist at the multi-billion-dollar distressed debt hedge […]