A Brief Career Highlight of Dr Mark Holterman

Dedication and commitment highlight Dr Mark Holterman’s exceptional career in the medical industry. Holterman is the current chief executive officer at Mariam Global Health, an institution that focuses on the provision of medical services. Other than being an executive, Holterman plays multiple roles within the healthcare industry. Since Holterman ventured into the healthcare sector, he has been performing various medical duties that include performing surgeries while simultaneously working on different patient-centered therapies.

Dr Mark Holterman professional career isn’t limited to the provision of medical services as he lectures at the University of Illinois. At the university, Dr. Mark Holterman is responsible for imparting knowledge to the future generations of medical practitioners that include surgical students. Despite the fact that Holterman leads a busy professional life, as he is always juggling his medical practice and lecturing at the university, he additionally takes time to support various charities across the world. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman at dialdish.com.

Throughout the years, Mark Holterman has been an active supporter of the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. The purpose of IPSAC-VN is to provide quality healthcare services for children living in Vietnam with various medical complications. IPSAC-VN carries out its mandate by partnering with Vietnam based medical healthcare providers and medical schools.

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Through these alliances, IPSAC-VN can provide both modern and cutting-edge medical equipment that is used in these medical institutions in the provision of better healthcare services to children suffering from various medical complications. If you wish to support the efforts of IPSAC-VN, you can either offer to be a volunteer or provide financial aid through donations.

In 2011, Dr Mark Holterman commenced lecturing at the Illinois College of Medicine. One of his recent achievements has been the accreditation as a full professor. Holterman is renowned specialist in the medical sector and the research and publications he has made over the years attest to this fact. Throughout his career, Holterman has written multiple journals and research papers that are currently peer-reviewed. One of the topics he has covered in depth is bariatric surgery that is used by medical practitioners to treat obesity. Mark Holterman is both an alumnus of Yale University and the University of Virginia. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at Health Grove.


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