Award Winning Sheldon Lavin Soars with OSI

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the OSI Group. He has been the driving force behind its success for many years now. He continues to seek further advances and improvements from within the company. He promotes a strong sense of unity between all the team member at OSI and believes this is the key to a strong company that will continue to thrive far into the future. His hard work was awarded when he was rewarded with the Global Visionary Award. This award is given by the Vision World Academy in India. It pays tributes to the people who have pushed their companies forward, against all odds, and accomplished what they set out to do. It was under Sheldon Lavin’s guiding hand that OSI was able to branch out from a small company in the United States into a company that is known for its international success in the food industry. The OSI group is now located in over 15 countries and has over 50 different facilities. Click here to know more.

Before working at OSI, Sheldon Lavin was not a part of the food processing industry. He came in as a beginner and was able to work it way up to being the Chief Executive Officer of the most profitable and successful meat processing companies in the world. It was not an easy road and it took him many years of hard work. He says that he took every challenge at a time and it was a collaborative effort that he was able to accomplish this. The OSI Group was originally called Otto And Sons, and Sheldon Lavin financed the company so they could get their start. Many years later he became the majority owner and was able to make the decision to take the company to global levels of success.


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