Barbara Stokes: Mobilizing Own Company to Help Hurricane Victims

Barbara Stokes is mobilizing her company to assist in rebuilding the cities destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Barbara Stokes is the CEO of the Green Structure Homes of Alabama; a company specialized in creating modular homes that are being provided in times of disaster. FEMA partnered with the Green Structure Homes of Alabama and contracted them to build modular homes for $28.5 million, and according to Barbara Stokes, their manufacturing plants scattered across the United States is now creating hundreds of new temporary shelters that will be given to those affected by the hurricane. She is also proud to reveal that the initiative to build hundreds of modular homes would help the people from eight states to get temporary jobs. The states that would be benefiting from the contract between FEMA and the Green Structure Homes of Alabama are expected to generate more jobs for the local population. The modular homes will be delivered to those who are affected by the hurricane at the soonest time after it has gone through the plant’s manufacturing and assembly department. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The Green Structure Homes of Alabama was founded in 2008 by Barbara Stokes with the assistance from Scott Stokes. Their objective is to provide disaster relief to those who are affected by extreme disasters hitting the United States. They have been partnering with several agencies which are connected to the United States government in providing temporary shelters to those who are affected by disasters. For the record, Barbara Stokes revealed that the destruction brought upon by Hurricane Harvey is one of the worst that they have seen. They never imagined that the resulting damage would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and they never imagined that Texas would be battered heavily by the storm.


Hurricane Harvey is an intense Atlantic Hurricane which ravaged the state of Texas, leaving most of its coastal areas underwater. The resulting floods from the hurricane washed out several communities, and most of the survivors are asking the government for a place to live. The government promised those who are affected by the disaster that they will be helping them rebuild, and help is underway to ensure the welfare of the victims. Follow Barbara Stokes on

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