Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Have Additions To Their Team

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is always trying to come up with new programs to help cancer patients, particularly men suffering from prostate cancer. However, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has added two additions to their team. These additions are LabCorp and the National Football League, and the purpose of these additions is to help older men get checked for prostate cancer.

The NFL, LabCorp, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America have paid for over 2500 men to get a free prostate cancer screening. Signing up for this screening is quick and easy, and all screening will be held at LabCorp facilities. Men who do not get to sign up or sign up to late can still receive a screening throughout the month of October. This screening will cost under $30. However, this screening is well worth it. Not only will men receive a screening for prostate cancer, but they will receive information on how to see the signs of prostate cancer and how frequently the should get checked.

The NFL and LabCorp recently stated what an honor it is to work beside Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the only cancer treatment organization that provides spiritual help to all patients. Religion and denomination do not matter. Cancer Treatment Centers of America have men and women on staff from all religions and denominations. These spiritual advisers are available in person, by phone, or by email. This is also a free service that is provided by the cancer treatment center. 

Thousands of patients of Cancer Treatment Centers of America have left countless reviews on the treatment center website regarding these spiritual advisers. These reviews explain how these advisers made the cancer situation more calm and stable. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is planning to hire one to four thousand more spiritual advisers over the next few months.

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