Eric Lefkofsky: Opening the Door to New Possibilites

In 2015 Billionaire Eric Lefkofsky Co-founded Tempus, a Chicago based company focused on using genomic sequencing to help doctors personalize cancer treatment. Recently they have raised 70$ million in their recent funding round from investors Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates. This bringing them to around 130$ million since the startup began. Lefkofsky has also […]

David Macdonald’s Drive To Grow The OSI Group Internationally While Adhering To Local Cultures

David MacDonald commented on his company’s presence in China and stated that the OSI Group has a strong presence in the region and plans to open to plants. He concurred with the fact that China has a robust consumer market that has high demands and drives the enterprise’s revenues high. The OSI group opened its […]

Why You Should Always Have A Brazilian Lawyer Like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho On Your Side

Lawyers are your best friend when you want to take your corporation to the big stage, and even more so when you’re looking to invest in foreign nations like Brazil. Whether you’re a Brazilian native or a businessman from the US, Brazilian lawyers can be your best friends if you choose the right ones. Brazil […]