Louis Chenevert and UTC Invest in the American economy

Louis Chenevert is progressive business thinker. He most recently was the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. UTC is a leading organization in its field and experienced a great deal of success under Chenevert’s leadership. He came into the company and instilled the importance of having confidence in ideas. Chenevert was able to provide a platform […]

How Rick Smith’s Mettle Is Growing Securus Technologies

Mr. Rick Smith is unstoppable. Thanks to his hard work and sheer dedication, anything he touches seems to turn into gold. He has been working with many companies. And needless to say, they have managed to realize incredible profit margins which are the same blueprint that he is currently duplicating at Securus Technology where he […]

Norman Pattiz has enhanced the Entertainment Experience of PodcastOne’s Audio Programs by Introducing an Innovative Mobile Software

Recently, PodcastOne launched mobile software that allows listeners to attain the best entertainment experience that the network’s audio programs have to offer. The software consists of 360-degree video recordings and a broad range of interactive social functions. Users can easily engage in meaningful conversations with their fellow listeners and hosts. PodcastOne has availed this exceptional […]