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ClassDojo is an education communication app launched in August of 2011, that connects teachers, parents, and students for the purpose of messaging and sharing experiences through photos and videos. For the classroom. They use ClassDojo to work together as a team, share in the classroom experience, and bring big ideas to life in their classrooms and homes. By October of 2011, 1% of teachers in the United States had joined ClassDojo.

There are 4 main components of the ClassDojo App; classroom, messaging, stories, original content: Big Ideas. The classroom component allows teachers and students to establish a “classroom culture”. It allows to choose different skills and values in order of importance and apply them to their classroom. The messaging component of the app allows parents and teacher to communicate via in app messenger without exchanging phone numbers. The messenger also translates into 35 different languages making language barriers nearly nonexistent. The messaging component also allows setting what is known as “Quiet Hours”, which lets parents know when they are not available.

The stories component that allows schools to connect with parents via photos and videos on the school or class stream. These streams are known as stories. Each school has its own story allowing anybody who is connected with the school to view the images/videos the school shares. Also every individual class has its own story allowing families with students in the classes to connect and view the videos and images that class post.

The original content: big ideas component allows teachers and parents to obtain new ways for kids to learn new concepts.

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