ClassDojo, the Newest Technology in the Education Sector

One of the most invested sectors in a country is education. Governments and private sectors all over the world have invested largely in it because it is what determines the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, it is important to bring up bright and educated leaders to handle, develop and make wise decisions for a country.

One of the most recent developments in the education sector is the ClassDojo. The education technology enhances communication between teachers, students and teachers. This technology has been tested and proven by the education technology accelerators to be reliable and efficient. It has made classes to be more fun and involving.

Recently, the broadband internet connectivity has been integrated at the rural schools. The internet connectivity has helped the ClassDojo application to be implemented from the ground level upwards.

For the App to be successful, the co-founder, Sam Chaudhary took time to listen to teachers and the problems they experienced while teaching. One of the biggest problems was communication between teachers and parents that he incorporated in the App. Teachers are now able to communicate about the progress of their students to their parents therefore solving a real time problem.

ClassDojo will help improve the community positively. As parents are involved in the classroom work, they are able to control their children’s conversation when they get back home. Children will no longer have a chance to lie about their learning at school but rather, their parents are in a position to see how they actually learn.

It has helped to create a positive and healthy culture in schools by creating room for teachers, students and parents to set values, vision and mission that will drive their class thus creating an ideal classroom.

This App is being extended to other parts of the world to assist in teaching processes. Currently, 90% of the K-8 schools use the application while 1 in every 3 students between 5-14 years has learnt empathy and growth mindset with this application.

Embracing the new technology in education has gradually increased and many teachers in the US have joined forming a 1% of the teachers in the US. The Application comes with over 30 language translations and takes the privacy of its users seriously and won’t release to a third party for any reason.

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