David Macdonald’s Drive To Grow The OSI Group Internationally While Adhering To Local Cultures

David MacDonald commented on his company’s presence in China and stated that the OSI Group has a strong presence in the region and plans to open to plants. He concurred with the fact that China has a robust consumer market that has high demands and drives the enterprise’s revenues high. The OSI group opened its first branch in China in 1992 and has more than a decade of operation in the area. In 2008, it reached an international milestone when it supplied the Olympics’ attendees with meat products of four types and dehydrated onion. The business’ success led to the formation of new dealings with firms such as Starbucks, MacDonald, Burger King, Subway, and Yum, who were all impressed by the impeccable customer services and quality products.

David MacDonald OSI Group stated that the OSI Group is mindful of all its customer’s cuisines and incorporates their taste buds to cater to their varied preferences. He revealed that the firm has a local hospitality team that conducts extensive research on the people’s taste buds to ascertain that customers enjoy their products. Since its inception, the OSI Group has launched in 17 countries and opened 50 plants.

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Over the years, the OSI Group has shifted its growth rate. Despite the varying speeds in the expansion, they have managed to maintain a consistent growth rate. In 2012 and 2013, the firm opened the biggest poultry processing plant in China, which can hold 600,000 metric tons. A vegetable facility launched in India to supply restaurants and other consumers with fresh products. A private label and frozen entry plant opened in Geneva III and Hungary and tripled the firm’s processing ability to at least 22,000 billion tons in a year. David stated that the growth is the result of the firm’s excellent workforce which understands the process of manifesting ideologies.

David joined the OSI Group in 1991 through its Chicago branch and has proven his expertise in the rise of ranks to become the president and chief operations, officer. He gained his interest in operating industries at an early age when he would help his parents on the farm. He earned a degree in animal science from the University of Iowa in 1987 and is the recipient of multiple awards such as the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior.

Find more about David McDonald: http://www.wattagnet.com/articles/27821-osi-group-acquires-dutch-company-baho-food

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