David Mcdonald No Dummy

OSI Group’s leader, David Mcdonald, is no dummy but knows how and when to apply firm discipline as well as when to show love and gentleness in his work. In his many service years to OSI Group, he has seen and done it all. Yet, he claims that he always learns something new every day, making him a more humble executive leader than most.

In recent interviews, Mcdonald discussed that he was not always rich and recognized, especially in his early years. He grew up in an average family and had to work quite hard to be able to stand where he does today, as a top leader and expert for one of the world’s best food service organizations. OSI Group is not only greatly remembered in the U.S. but also holds an indisputable Chinese presence, especially among the humble and kind residents of gorgeous Beijing, where China holds its Olympics every year. Beijing has partnered alongside OSI Group for years and can say it has seen the best efforts and awards come from this company, including the Global Visionary Award: The Global Visionary Award is only given to the company that houses the best combined qualities in any industry that involves food service mixed with hospitality; by all means, the OSI Group has passed on all levels, a testimony to what its collective team market strategy can do. Mcdonald’s successes, as a result, have nearly taken him to every country since success is something that everyone wishes to share and learn about.

Many industry leaders have yearned for the services and knowledge of Mcdonald and have even offered to house him in their area while paying him a decent salary and covering his every expense as he attends conferences and panel discussions as a guest of honor, to which Mcdonald has not declined. Mcdonald has attended several such leadership events as a top speaker and would not trade his experiences for anything in the world. He has taught at local, national and even international leadership events, claiming he would start all over again if he could. He’s worth gold.

OSI Group Info: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

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