Dr. Clay Siegall’s Quest for a Cure

There are several things that make Seattle based biotechnology company Seattle Genetics stand out from the rest of the crowd. First, they are hard at work discovering cures for cancer. Second, unlike other players in the industry, they have no intention of selling out to one of the bigger companies. Located in a building that doesn’t necessarily look like a place that is on the cutting edge of cancer research, Seattle Genetics is working on a promising new drug that may change the game in fighting cancer. One of the drugs is called Adcetris and it is being used in the fight against Hodgkin Lymphoma.

The discovery the company made is that if antibodies are used to fight cancer cells, there is a good chance for success. Antibodies are capable of giving the cancer cell a toxic injection which then goes on to destroy the cell from the inside. In fact, Seattle Genetics has a lot of experience in studying and creating human antibodies. They have been doing it since the company was founded back in 1998. Today, Seattle Genetics is a $10 billion company with over 900 employees. The company has a large list of drugs in the works, a further evidence showing the companies commitment to staying in the game, rather than just selling to a bigger player.

The CEO and co-founder of Seattle Genetics is Dr. Clay Siegall who has a long history working in biochemistry in general and cancer research in particular. Before founding the company, he worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmacy as a research investigator and then as a Principal Scientist. Currently, he also stays busy as the Director of Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association (WBBA) and also as a board member of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance.

Dr. Siegall has also made his contributions in the academic side of biotechnology as well. He has published over 67 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has nine patents to his name. In fact, he serves on the board of three journals specializing science and biotechnology. Not surprisingly, he also serves on the board of Scientific Counsellors for Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation. Dr. Siegall received his Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University and his undergrad degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland.

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