Drew Madden Highlights The Importance Of Improving Cancer Health Medical Apps

In a healthcare commentary, Drew Madden, a healthcare IT entrepreneur, said that cancer health medical apps need to be improved. Citing a research by the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, Drew posited that as much as these apps have a greater potential, many of them lack basic development and appropriate testing. Most cancer apps in app stores, close to two-thirds, have less or no testing from actual patients. The 2016 data revealed that most of these apps do not even attach their affiliation. However, Drew Madden contended that quality cancer apps exist. For instance, apps developed by the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and the American Society of Clinical Oncology have superior design aspects that empower patients with information, self-monitoring features, self-managed training and exercise, tailored data and feedback.

In addition, these apps enable the patients to communicate with healthcare providers and other cancer survivors. Drew pointed out that cancer apps that have innovative features to track symptoms, record questions and answers, schedule and manage appointments and log medications have achieved tremendous success. Unfortunately, not all apps have these capabilities. The challenge goes beyond the field of cancer. Out of the 250,000 exiting medical apps, only a few meet the standards of proper feedback from both doctors and patients. Despite of FDA’s mobile medical apps management policy, most medical apps in existence do not meet the standards. Due to this situation, health experts have recommended the establishment of a network consisting of unbiased non-profit organizations for reviewing medical apps.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden has a deep passion for creating high caliber teams, trusted client partnerships and unique company culture. Drew is one of the managing partners of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a renowned corporation that offers exceptional healthcare IT expertise to clients across the country. At Evergreen, individuals’ preferences, skill sets, and goals are highly prioritized. They offer tailored services that help them to create lasting partnerships. Previously, Drew Madden worked for Nordic Consulting Partners, inc. where he served as executive vice president and later promoted to be the president. He was in charge of business development, consulting, and recruiting processes for the biggest Epic-only consulting firm in the country. Drew is affiliated with Cerner Corporation, Healthia Consulting, and Ingenix Consulting. He studied industrial engineering at the University of Iowa, College of Engineering.

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