End Citizens United Hoping To Overturn the Campaign Finance Rules In Future

     To ensure that the government is elected in a constitutional as well as fair manner, the elections should be held credibly and transparently. However, in the United States, it is seen that the huge corporations are spending an unimaginable amount of money on elections, making it difficult for the public to understand which side to support. The money spent on elections has the potential to blindside the audience and compel them to choose a political candidate that they might not have selected in the case when lavish and glossy election campaign was not held.

The huge corporations and individuals have the right by law to spend as much money as they want in elections to support the candidate of their choice. The rule has been made by the Supreme Court of the United States when the case of FEC Vs. Citizens United was fought legally. In the case above, the final verdict given by the court was that the individuals, as well as the corporations, can spend as much money they want on elections. The free hand given to the affluent individuals and wealthy companies has ensured that tons of unaccounted money are consumed during the elections. To fight the decision made by the Supreme Court, a political action committee was formed in the year 2015 by Tiffany Mueller, President of End Citizens United.

End Citizens United aims to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision that allows individuals as well as the corporations to spend an unlimited amount of money on elections. End Citizens United plans to do so by taking donations from the everyday people in a fair and transparent manner to help their cause. There are many independent as well as political parties’ backed candidates who stand in the elections that happen, but ECU aims to support the Democrats. It is because Democrats are transparent in their approach and their books of accounts are available easily too.

End Citizens United recently announced that it would be supporting Conor Lamb, 33, in the Special Elections to be held on March 13th. Conor Lamb is ex-Marine and young but has a good understanding of how the politics work. End Citizens United aims to help Conor Lamb through financial donations to strengthen their position in the political landscape of the country if Democrats win, which is what End Citizens United wants. End Citizens United aims to help bring the political leaders together to help run the government and make some significant reforms.

Please go to http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/end-citizens-united-pac-wants-make-its-name-reality for more.

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