Eva Moskowitz Discusses Political Advocacy

In a recent press conference regarding the appropriate use of federal funds for charter schools in the New York City area, Eva Moskowitz discussed her role as the leader of Success Academy and as a political advocate. As a member of the democratic political party, Moskowitz’s support of the Trump Administration and of Betsy Devos’ school choice advocacy has confused some supporters of Success Academy. During her press conference, Moskowitz stated that she was in agreement with many of the policies of the new administration and does not believe it is appropriate to use her position as an educational leader to advocate politically.


In a letter published by Politico, Moskowitz further discussed her views on political advocacy and educational leadership. The Success Academy leader stated plainly that her role as the head of one of the largest charter school systems in the United States and her work as an advocate for school choice makes it inappropriate to voice her personal views on other aspects of the current presidential administration. New York City members of the democratic party have persisted in pressuring Moskowitz to discuss her opinions on decisions that the executive branch of government has made regarding immigration laws. Moskowitz has been praised by several members of the New York City Council for her decision to remain silent about personal decisions.


Even as a member of the democratic party, Eva Moskowitz has shown a massive capacity for bipartisanship and unity through her support of the current presidential administration. Moskowitz’s support of policies implemented by the United States Secretary ofx Education has shown that her passion to develop better educational opportunities for American students is not merely a political decision. Over the last decade, Eva Moskowitz has become a formidable opponent of partisan politics and policies that promote the degradation of American education.



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