Fabletics Is Running With The Big Dogs

Kate Hudson has grown Fabletics to a 250 million company in a few years. Their business model utilizes an automated system that gently tracks customer needs through data generation. Kate and her team understand that satisfied customers purchase more product, and customers need more than just quality reasonably priced. Today’s consumer has evolved to expect personal customer care, diva-styled apparel and awesome experience.


Fabletics was founded in 2013 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg of Techstyle who didn’t understand why the industry pushed the standard athletic wear for the ladies. They created athletic wear that looked so fashion forward and fresh with a reasonable price tag. They needed to partner with a promoter who encompassed an easy spirit persona which was Kate. She not only partnered with Ressler and Goldenberg she surpassed all expectations with great success. Hudson isn’t just the face of the brand, so she takes her role seriously with analysis of weekly sales reports, input on fresh designs and inspiring women. Hudson is intricately vested in their success.


Brilliantly, Fabletics nursed the online consumer and then moved to open more retail stores. They want customers to come browse in the retail store and generate purchases which appear in online shopping cart. Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager explains that Fabletics took the time to analyze the data. They really understand what clients want and need, and they deliver on those expectations is the core of their business strategy. Fabletics utilizes a subscriptions membership business, so when customers visit a retail store, almost half are already members. Usually, the other 25 % will join when they visit the retail store. This method allowed Fabletics to capture the client with the experience and convenience of retail shopping, and easily purchase online.


Kate effectively utilized social media to develop that brand awareness consumers respond to. She sponsors social events around the country, and Hudson has teamed up the stars that also love Fabletics. Demi Lovato is one of these stars that love what Fabletics stands for. Proudly, Lovato boasts that Fabletics inspires women with their brand, which is something she strongly supports.


Like many startups, Fabletics faced numerous obstacles such as poor quality with an initial inventory order, which was discarded at a lost of 4300,000. This didn’t deter that momentum of striving to do things right. In the media, individuals were hating on Hudson and Fabletics but Haters gonna hate and the Fabletics team implemented quality improvements. They stepped up communication so customers had an improved experience. They shifted inventory par levels so that popular items were available for clients. The Better Business Bureau noted the significant improvements in regards to customer experience. Once Fabletics implemented the necessary improvement, the business experienced record sales growth 43% in 2014 with over 1.2 million subscription members.


In summary, Fabletics unique business approach has proven successful with its data-driven responsiveness. They can effectively meet clients desire and fulfilled then quickly while being cool and fresh. While other retailers are singing the blues while Fabletics will open a dozen retail stores this year. Fabletics has that winning combination of technology and common sense while looking fabulous. If you too would like to look fabulous; take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz so you too can be on trend.

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