How Rick Smith’s Mettle Is Growing Securus Technologies

Mr. Rick Smith is unstoppable. Thanks to his hard work and sheer dedication, anything he touches seems to turn into gold. He has been working with many companies. And needless to say, they have managed to realize incredible profit margins which are the same blueprint that he is currently duplicating at Securus Technology where he is the CEO.Based in Dallas Texas, Securus Technology has opened branches in Atlanta, Carrolton, Allen, and Georgia among other places. With well over a thousand dedicated employees, Securus has managed to expand well into Canada with an investment surpassing $600 million by July 2016, which is all Mr. Smith’s doing. Securus technologies also have its hand in patents, technologies as well as acquisitions.

Ever since Rick Smith took over Securus Technologies back in July of 2008, things sure changed for the better. He was focused in vetting and employing some of the most skilled personnel who in turn helped him to fashion the future of the company.Before taking over Securus Technologies and making it the exemplary business conglomerate that it is today, Rick Smith had to acquire a bachelor’s degree from the state university of New York – a course that he did so well and passed with flying colors. He also did an Associate’s Degree which was acquired from Rochester Institute of Technology.He also worked in critical departments of business including finance, information technology as well as operation. From 1972 to 1998, Mr. Smith took different positions with global crossing which included the Controller and Chief Information Officer. He later took the job at the frontier information technologies as their president.

All of the above-stated positions in his resume played a significant role as far as sharpening his leadership skills were concerned. And the latter is what gave him the much-needed experience that made him the perfect candidate to run Securus Technology and to put it on the map. And needless to say, Mr. Smith has done such a remarkable job as the CEO because the company has seen such a noteworthy expansion ever since he took charge almost a decade ago. And under his aegis, Mr. Rick Smith grew Eschelon Company from a $30 million to a $350 million conglomerate right before leaving the company in 2007.Again, that amazing feat is what made him a much better candidate for Securus Technology, where he is repeating the same kind of achievement. With an increase in ambitious, highly trained personnel, Securus Technologies has managed to build the largest VOIP Corrections calling platform in the tech industry service close to 1 million inmates and 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States of America.

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