Jose Manuel Gonzalez and the National Assembly

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an agricultural businessman who is currently the deputy to the National Assembly by Guarico State. As a result, he promotes an interesting mix of agriculture and politics in his business. He is also working to establish services for exporting agricultural commodities. The President of the National Assembly is generally expected to be a harsh dictator, however, Gonzalez insists that he doesn’t have any enemies within the Assembly. Gonzalez also believes that the people of Venezuela are tired of “messiahs” who own the country single-handedly and says that he wants to give the people some sense of autonomy and interests being taken into consideration.

The main issue is with the fact that the National Assembly had been trying for several years to understand the aspects of the agricultural business but has apparently not been able to manage it very well. Another closed-door government had tried to point out their flaws to them, however, the Assembly had apparently not been very receptive to the criticism claiming that they weren’t responsible for such things. As a result, there has been a major issue with imbalances in import quotas and the resulting overbilling.

As a result, instead of going to commodity production, more often than not, the money ends up in the hands of organized crime. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is confident that food commodities can probably be imported, however, the current shortages of their imports is apparently making that situation very difficult.

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