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Pennsylvania is one of the latest states in the United States to join the league of states that have made it mandatory for children less than two years to be secured in rear-facing car seats. The legislators in the state passed this law in August, 2016. The law provided for grace period of one year to allow motorists to comply with the regulations. Car owners who are not aware of where to get the seats are required to check with car seats manufactures who have the right seats as recommended by the law. The law came into being after it became a concern that many children are dying in roads accident in the country. As a precautionary measure the legislators made it mandatory for any car owner to carry their children in specially designed seats.

The state hopes to make progress in reducing the number of deaths for children due to road accidents. According to Karl Heideck, one of the lawyers in Philadelphia. PA, the law, will greatly reduce deaths of children when it is implemented to the word. The laws prescribe punitive measures that should be taken to motorists who do not comply with the regulations.

So, what do the laws say about car seats? According to the law, seats for children of below two years should face towards the rear of the car. This is to ensure that the child is at less risk of getting hurt in case of an accident. According to research conducted, it is less likely that a child will break his or her bones if the seat is facing to the rear. The child should also be fastened and secured properly on the car seat.

For children who are of eight years and below, motorists are supposed to install booster seats. However, there are a few exceptions in this case. One, for children who weigh more than 80 pounds and two, for children who are taller than 4 feet and 9 inches. These are the only ones who are exempted by this law. Failure to comply with the law will attract a fine of $125 and $75 consecutively for both cases.

Karl Heideck

Karl heideck is one of the practicing lawyers from Philadelphia. He has been in practice for than ten years now and has gained enough experience to work in the legal field. Karl Heideck holds a Juris Doctor from Temple University Beasley School of Law. He as well holds BA from the Swarthmore College.

Karl Heideck has been in recent years been providing legal services in the area of bank fraud and other bank related litigations.

For more info: www.facebook.com/karl.heideck

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