Kim Dao Receives Some Cool Gifts From Her Friend

Kim Dao is traveling on the train. She has made it to Sophie’s house. Sophie gives Kim a gift. Kim Dao really likes the gift. They have some stuffed crust pizza for lunch, which is Kim Dao’s favorite. They relax for awhile and watch TV together. Learn more:


It is the next morning. Kim Dao is getting ready to help Sophie move. The movers have arrived and they are packing up the truck. They have to take the train back to the new place. Kim Dao might not be recording a lot because moving can be stressful in itself. If time permits, they plan on getting lunch and hanging out somewhere. They are headed to the new place. First, they stop for a break and get something to eat before going to the apartment. Kim Dao picks up some products for an upcoming video. She gets McDonalds for dinner because its quick and easy. She ordered a egg and cheese burger, corn, and a drink.


Kim Dao goes grocery shopping. She does a supermarket haul of everything she purchased. It is a bunch of random things. She plans on doing more hauls. Kim Dao hasn’t been doing a lot of recording because she has been busy moving. Learn more:


To see Kim Dao’s vlog,

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