LimeCrime the Vegan Friendly Brand

LimeCrime is a vegan friendly brand that has hair dyes and makeup. One of the most recent products are the Unicorn Dreams hair dyes for dark hair. If you don’t already know that having dark hair and wanting to change it to a different color can be quiet hard sometimes depending on what color you want. This brand specifically is for dark haired people.

You can finally go out rocking that purple hair you have always wanted. You could even mix it up with different dyes. For example, you can do half black and half purple or even do an ombre color like purple to blue. Lime Crime has different colors like a chestnut, a deep maroon, squid, a spooky purple, charcoal, a dusty gray, and sea witch which is a shade of green. Some other favorites of Lime Crime products are the lipsticks.

The matte look has been popular lately and its also waterproof! Not to mention that these products are vegan friendly so if you have a hard time finding cruelty free makeup, check out this brand. I would suggest moisturizing and exfoliating your lips before applying the lipstick if you don’t like how dry the lipsticks make your lips feel but keep in mind that it is matte and so it will already have that dry feeling after putting it on for a few seconds. Lime Crime has everything beauty in it. You can also order some of their products off amazon. One more thing that this brand has are makeup brushes. They are made with the softest cruelty free fibers and also have a sparkling handle. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed in these products so make sure to give them a try!

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