Marc Sparks: A Career Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks knows how to launch a successful business. His years as a practicing entrepreneur have taught him a great deal about how to start a business and lead it to success. His book, “They Can’t Eat You” outlines his professional experiences. In the book he discusses success and failure in the hopes of helping others know what to expect. His experiences has given him a unique understanding into the challenges and devastating circumstances that an entrepreneurs often encounter. Learn more:


Marc Sparks decided to take his wealth of experience and start a business that helps entrepreneurs. Timber Creek Capital LP, Marc’s business, takes a handful of companies and helps them to grow. Timber Creek offers mentorship and access to banking, marketing, capital, office space, and a variety of other resources. As the leader of Timber Creek Capital LP Marc has seen every level of success and failure in his 35 years of entrepreneurial experience. That is the bedrock on which Timber Creek Capital has been laid and it is what makes them such a valuable asset to any entrepreneur. Learn more:


There is more to Marc Sparks than business acumen. Marc is a prolific talent who sees it as his duty to help his fellow man. He is an avid supporter of Habitat for Humanity. Through that organization he helps construct low-cost housing for families in need. Additionally he offers a great deal of support to the Samaritan Inn. Which is a Texas homeless shelter that houses 160 men, women, and children each night. Marc also maintains his own charity “Sparky’s Kids” which donated 1000 laptop computers to at-risk youth through Ameri Can Academy.


Marc Sparks’ story is a good example of how to achieve success and what to do once you have built your name. Marc’s 35 years of experience gives him the knowledge of what works for entrepreneurs and what does not. His company, Timber Creek Capital, imparts his knowledge and resources on emerging entrepreneurs. Marc also knows that giving back to the community is vital. He understands that the more he helps people the more those people help others. Learn more:



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