Mike Baur and Swiss Start Up Factory sets the Course for Other’s to Follow

Mike Baur always had a deep rooted fascination with finance and banking, even as a child. His college education included earning a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. He was able to parlay his education and pursue his passion for finance and banking and made it his life long career.

Mr. Baur began his financial career at UBS as a commercial apprentice and through hard work and determination he advanced to executive board member of several large Swiss Private Banks. He converted his experience and expertise to practical applications and solutions for clients.

In 2014, Mr. Baur veered off the traditional financial path and took his entrepreneurial spirit and founded the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUP) with two partners. The goal of SSUF is to offer support young entrepreneurs that decide to pursue and specialize in digital technology. Through Mr. Baur’s leadership and passion for such an industry SSUF has become one of the leading independent and privately financed ICT Start Up Accelerator in Switzerland. Mike Baur is a great supporter of youth entrepreneurs and invests a great deal of time mentoring the young members. He has also taken on the task of fundraising for the organization.

The SSUF team offer advice and help and coach the founders of start-up’s and help set the stepping stones to success. The SSUF team also works to identify businesses that have potential and coach those businesses during the development stage of the organizations. Mr. Baur believes the hands on approach is the most efficient method to help create success and learning by doing is often the greatest teacher of all.

Help that SSUF provides includes a unique platform of services, mentoring, and coaching and office space located in Zurich, Switzerland. SSUF offers an accelerator program for three months where participants learn the ropes and embark on the path to success. Participants are also offered an entrepreneurial network that assists participants achieve their goal.

By offering such programs the SSUF team is essentially investing in the future and helping those entities with potential to find the path to success. Thanks to Mr. Baur’s passion and foresight into the future, the SSUF team has helped many startups navigate the system and maximize their success while minimizing failure.

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