Norman Pattiz has enhanced the Entertainment Experience of PodcastOne’s Audio Programs by Introducing an Innovative Mobile Software

Recently, PodcastOne launched mobile software that allows listeners to attain the best entertainment experience that the network’s audio programs have to offer. The software consists of 360-degree video recordings and a broad range of interactive social functions. Users can easily engage in meaningful conversations with their fellow listeners and hosts. PodcastOne has availed this exceptional app for free on Apple’s App Store, its website, and Google Play.


A wide array of amazing features


This mobile software allows people to listen and to view a broad range of shows. They can air their opinions concerning specific programs. The app offers access to interesting articles and intriguing pictures that are not available anywhere else on the Internet. Listeners can also respond to survey questions and message other listeners. PodcastOne has incorporated its reward system into the app. Members may acquire points, which they can use to get bonus services and features. They can utilize their earnings to acquire discounts on the Network’s products, view unique virtual-reality programs, and watch other special material.


Virtual reality


In line with its goal of developing top-notch videos that are in 360-degree and virtual reality formats, PodcastOne has entered into a strategic partnership with Mandt VR. Already, the two firms have produced more than 1,000 video recordings. This huge library allows listeners to enjoy podcasts of their choice uniquely. Each week, PodcastOne and Mandt VR upload more video to the library. It consists of a broad range of programs like the “Art of Charm,” “Laila Ali Lifestyle,” “Koy Pond,” “Forbes Under 30,” and “The Adam Carolla Show.”


How it functions


After securing the partnership, Mandt VR moved with speed and installed state-of-the-art equipment in each of the PodcastOne’s recording studio ( As a result, facilities in Burbank, New York, and Beverly Hills are currently benefiting from this technology. Hosts can use their mobile equipment to record VR footage when they are not in their offices.


About Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is an accomplished individual in the sector of audio-on-demand. He has founded several companies in the industry such as Westwood One and Courtside Entertainment Group. He started his current firm, PodcastOne, in the year 2012.


Norman Pattiz has largely contributed to the growth of the industry by offering leadership and guidance services. He has served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America among other bodies. Today, Pattiz and his lovely wife, Mary, live in Southern California.


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