The Brain behind Kerrisdale Capital Management, Mr. SahmAdrangi

The C.E.O of Kerrisdale Capital Management founder SahmAdrangi, aged 33, has taken part in every way of the company’s progression from the time of its establishment in 2009. He started his profession in money savings with a few associates of Deutsche Bank where he later became a successful specialist at the multi-billion-dollar distressed debt hedge […]

Norman Pattiz has enhanced the Entertainment Experience of PodcastOne’s Audio Programs by Introducing an Innovative Mobile Software

Recently, PodcastOne launched mobile software that allows listeners to attain the best entertainment experience that the network’s audio programs have to offer. The software consists of 360-degree video recordings and a broad range of interactive social functions. Users can easily engage in meaningful conversations with their fellow listeners and hosts. PodcastOne has availed this exceptional […]

Get More From A Financial Account Today

Do you count every dollar each week; dreaming of a vacation, or knowing with the right break you can start your own business? NexBank has proudly supported the financial vision of their local residents for over 40+ years. They have recently expanded their online services nationwide, and have added an estimated additional 236,000+ customers. NexBank […]

Robert Ivy Is Focusing On Sustainable Architectural Designs

American Institute of Architects, AIA, is a network of people that has over 90 thousand members. The members are professional designers and architects who are focused on improving the environment that is built. At the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive VP. His work is to increase the public outreach […]

The Role Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco As One Of The Most Influential Figures In Brazil’s Economy

Brazil is one of the largest economies in South America and by extension, the entire world. It takes a lot of success and level-headedness to command a significant level of influence in an economy of that stature which says a lot about Luiz Carlos Trabuco, CEO of Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a highly […]