Raallying in Brazil and how Michel Terpins continues to achieve more and more.

The Terpins family is a sporting family.They have together achieved some of the most dynamic and prolific results by any family in Brazil starting from their father the well renown Jack terpins who currently is a businessman with a lot of interests in real estate.

Michel Terpins began his career in the motoring world as a junior rider in the Cross Country Rally Championship where he participated in numerous races and over the years refined his skills making him a proficient rider.He was able to achieve a lot of success under this category and by the time he crossed over to rallying he was already the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship champion and this led him to be elected chairman of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship.

He moved to rallying in 2002 making his debut as a co-driver for his brother Rodrigo Terpins.They took part in races across Brazil with the urge to first get acquitted with everything before going for the titles.It was after this that they formed their own team and could now compete competitively.As a team, they were able to begin racing with the T-Rex a car designed by MEM developers this car was to be used in the T1 category a category they had become used to.

In the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally which was Michel Terpins 10th participation in the competition was held starting 23rd August 2017. He was piloting the T-Rex together with his navigator Maykel Justo for the Bull Sertões Rally Team.the circuit for The 25th edition had over 3,300 kilometers. It passed through four cities that included Goiás (Goiânia, Goianésia, Santa Terezinha de Goiás and Aruanã), followed by Mato Grosso (Barra do Garças) before going through the last 3 cities of Mato Grosso do Sul (Coxim, Aquidauana, and Bonito).This was a very challenging course and was made to challenge every aspect of driving as well as car abilities.

Michel Terpins together with his navigator Maykel Justo who were on car sticker # 322 emerged position six overall something Terpins referred to as a very good performance considering the underlying challenges they had over the course of the rally.

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