Recent Lovaganza Announcement Details Plans For Their Global Event

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The announcement of an international celebration was recently announced. The event is scheduled to take place between May and September of 2020. This global party on is designed to help showcase the beauty, importance and uniqueness of all cultures around the world. Eight locations were chosen for the festivities and the organizers plan to share the events and entertainment across the globe.

Lovaganza is the foundation that is scheduling, planning and prepping for this unusual celebration that will include movies, live events and numerous exhibits and attractions. For those who may have heard of Lovaganza and their global event in the past, there may be some confusion. Initially the Lovaganza planned to hold this groundbreaking exhibition in 2015, but as technology continued to improve at a rapid rate the decision to delay the event was made. This delay is making it possible for the organizers to add even more interactive features to their entertainment.

Lovaganza is an unusual organization with a specific mission. They wish to unite the world by helping the population of all nations to become familiar with each other. By sharing cultures they feel that everyone can appreciate the differences of each, but also recognize the similarities in all. They plan to use immersive entertainment to accomplish this grand feat. Immersive entertainment is the adding of interactive features and content to traditional forms of entertainment used by Lovaganza like movies, music and other stage performances.

The event will not just suddenly arrive and surprise locals where the performances are planned. Instead, beginning in 2017 a traveling show is planned that will act as part entertainment and part promotional event. The show is expected to include an immersive 3D cinematic event and the following release of three major motion pictures will heighten anticipation. The filming for these movies is already taking place in locations around the world.

The Lovaganza Foundation celebration is designed to familiarize people with cultures they never knew existed and to see the cultures they do recognize with a fresh perspective. The hope for their celebrations is that it becomes the catalyst that encourages generations of travelers to leave their comfort zones and discover the world.

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