Review of Depression Menace by Neurocore

According to Neurocore, over 6.5 million Americans suffer from depression. Although it can affect anyone at any age, women tend to be prone to it. Neurocore has analyzed the following insight on depression.

People who have undergone through some trauma are more likely to develop depression. Traumatic events include the loss of a loved one, abusive relationship or financial stress. There are several types of depressive disorders like Postpartum disorder which affects infants at birth and lasts up to one year, Major depression characterized by lack of confidence and lasts up to 14 days and Seasonal depression that manifests during low sunlight seasons. Others include the Persistent depression which affects individuals for more than one year. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Depressive symptoms include incessant melancholy, excessive sleep or insomnia, low concentration, and lethargy. Also, patients will experience weight addition or reduction, headaches and stomach upsets. Depressed people are miserable, helpless and this may lead to suicide.

According to Neurocore, depression is among the top employment issues in the U.S and costs the economy more than $80 billion. Despite this drain, depression receives only about one percent of what breast cancer treatment receives. However, depression problem can be addressed if diagnosed early. There are many therapies available in the market including neurofeedback therapy offered by Neurocore.

About Neurocore

Neurocore Brain Performance Center is a privately held company established in 2004. The center is a licensed clinical specialist with brain trainers. Follow Neurocore on

Founded in Grand Rapid, Michigan, Neurocore focuses on a program that betters people’s concentrations, management of stress, depression, Autism, ADHD, anxiety as well as sleep challenges. With seven centers in Lower Michigan and two in Florida, Neurocore does provide its clients with brain-based appraisal and training programs that are data-driven.

The company specializes in heart rate variability training, attention testing and neurofeedback. Furthermore, the center does qEEG biofeedback training, nervous system diagnostic as well as regulation. To interact with their potential clients, Neurocore organizes learning presentations and luncheon once a month in Grand Rapids, Palm Beach Gardens, Detroit and Boca Raton. Also, clients have opportunities to schedule a personal tour in any of the Neurocore states of art centers.


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