Robert Ivy Is Focusing On Sustainable Architectural Designs

American Institute of Architects, AIA, is a network of people that has over 90 thousand members. The members are professional designers and architects who are focused on improving the environment that is built.

At the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive VP. His work is to increase the public outreach and knowledge on the benefits of good and sustainable architecture. He has greatly improved the decision-making process, presented infrastructure that is technologically advanced and started an awareness campaign for the AIA. He is now focused on leading architects towards using sustainable architecture in order to handle the climatic changes and to have a positive impact on the public’s health through giving grants for research among others.

Robert Ivy previously worked at McGraw-Hill Construction as the Editorial Director and VP. He was also the Architectural Record Editor-in-Chief of the magazine for this company. Through his organized leadership, the company won various awards including the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine and the Premier Magazine Journalism Awards. Robert Ivy has also had the privilege of being honored for his effective communication of value design by Alpha Rho Chi. This was a remarkable award for his work and is rarely given out. Robert has a BA in English from The University of the South. He also attended the Tulane University for a Masters of Architecture.

Robert Ivy is an author as well, he has so far published three editions of Fay Jones biography. This is usually geared towards explaining the importance of architecture to people’s lives. Robert takes time to prepare useful and lengthy talks that he presents in the United States and internationally as well. He has been interviewed multiple times as a role model in the architecture world and he has also taken time to conduct interviews on leading architectures around the world. He worked at the Venice Architecture Biennale and held a position of the United States Commissioner thrice. At the International Circle of Architecture Critics, he is an active member.

He is very excited about the idea of architects now offering supplemental services instead of just the normal traditional designs they offered in the past. Different schools are also offering more advanced learning to assist in the analytical ways of design thinking to offer solutions to different problems in the design industry. Robert Ivy encourages people to focus on sustainable designs in order to escape the long term effects of the degrading climate changes especially since the population of the world is increasing by the day.

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