Rocketship Education Creating Equity in the Land Of Opportunity

The Rocketship Education is a non-profit making network of public charter schools, working with the local communities, organizations, stakeholders, educators, and parents to create an ecosystem of high-quality public schools in San Jose.

This initiative targets low-income children and first English language learners, on their journey to a college education. Owing to these efforts, 25 new highly performing public charter schools for low-income parents and children have been launched from 2007.

Relevance through Research

The Center for Research on Education Outcome at Stanford University conducted a research on English learners and poor students. The results showed that the group gained more from additional learning, in both math and reading for each year they attend a charter school.

The Alum Rock Union and the Franklin McKinley School have come out to join hands and partner with other charter schools. These collaborations will lead to the improvement and achievements thus boosting college enrollment levels.

Winning Collective Support

The business and political leaders in the area are lending their support too. An example is Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings who launched a whole $100 million in boosting the local educational initiatives.

Facebook’s CEO and his wife Priscilla too contributed a huge chunk of their wealth to educational investments and technologies around the country, especially assistance targeting the public charter schools. Facebook funded engineers to local charter schools to establish a complex personalized learning platform in the country.

The Future of Rocketship and Charter Schools

An inspirational movement has been built in San Jose by collaborating, working together, tapping into the potential of school-going children and encouraging innovation. Rocketship is coining the mantra, ‘land of opportunity’; referring to the new oasis San Jose is poised to be in the future.

In a research, Harvard and the University of California found that children born in the ‘80s into low-income families had a good chance of prospering as their rich counterparts in Denmark. In recent times though, things are dire. Middle-class jobs are no longer there, housing prices have skyrocketed and the poor segregated.

It is for these reasons that by working together, Rocketship aims to establish the most vibrant public charter schools for low-income families. There are new graduates and the prospects of success in the nation are promising. It is a testament to the power of quality education.

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