Securus: Making Prisons safer

I have recently learned of a technology company that aids in making prisons a much safer place. This company by made prisons safer by introducing a system that could control the use of contraband cell phones by prison inmates. The company was approved in more than five correctional facilities by the year of 2016. I was glad to learn that in 2017 they announced a device that would stop contraband cell phones from being able to connect with mobile phone networks.

The company has a headquarters in Dallas, Texas, but it has three other regional offices. Two of the regional office are also in Texas. The third office is in a different place. The third regional office is in Atlanta, Georgia. I think this aids them in best serving the 45 states their products used in.

The fact the Securus has been given an A+ by the Better Business Bureau makes me confident that this company is a good one. Securus is taking Business From GTL, a competitor, at a very fast rate. I do not think that customers would lie. Secrus is providing quality goods and services. I even found a wonderful review from a customer. He said that his facility relied on Securus to maintain order. This quote speaks a lot.

In conclusion, Securus is an excellent company. I believe it would be nearly impossible to argue with this statement if you look at the fact. I hope this information was interesting.

Jasper Palmer

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