Sheldon Lavin And The Evolution Of The OSI Group

The 81 year old Sheldon Lavin has gone from having a career in accounting, banking and financial services to becoming CEO, president and chairman of the OSI Group, a global giant in the food processing and distribution industry. Lavin got involved with the company over 40 years ago when his financial services company helped them get the money the company, called Otto & Sons at that time, needed to expand. Lavin remain connected to the former Chicago area neighborhood meat market as they grew to become McDonald’s Midwest ground beef supplier. The company also provided restaurants and supermarkets throughout Illinois with meat products.

In the 1980s Sheldon Lavin took control of the OSI Group. His plan was to make the company a global powerhouse. But Lavin also created a set of environmental management and worker safety policies to help the company remain environment and worker friendly as it grew. And those policies have been successful. Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group have won numerous awards. The British Safety Council gave the company the prestigious Globe of Honor for environmental management in 2013, 15 and 16. Lavin programs benefitting the company’s 20,000 workers and their families have garnered much praise internationally.

Since Sheldon Lavin took control of the OSI Group, the company has set up facilities in South Africa, Japan, the Philippines, China, Australia and India and become a global leader in food processing and distribution. Sheldon Lavin’s success in expanding the OSI Group’s international customer base and generate over $6 billion in revenue has led to him receiving the Global Visionary Award in 2016 and countless other accolades. Through all the company’s international growth and expansion, Sheldon Lavin has worked to maintain a family atmosphere. He has an open door policy, is on a first name basis with his staff and regularly has lunch with rank and file employees.

Sheldon Lavin has fulfilled his mission to transform a small Chicago area meat market into a global force in the food processing and distribution industry. The small family company founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 Oak Park, Illinois now has more than 70 facilities in 17 countries, 20,000 employees, over $6 billion in annual revenue and is one of America’s largest private companies thanks to the vision and work of Sheldon Lavin. And the OSI Group continues to grow. They recently acquired Flagship Europe and Dutch company Baho Food.

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