“Sheldon Lavin – Still Going Strong At 81”

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairmen of OSI Group/Industries, an extremely successful custom food processing plant. At age 81, he is still a dynamic force behind the exponential growth of the company. With a degree in economics and finance, it is natural he began his career in the financial and banking industry. Eventually, he set up his own business as a financial consultant.

In the meantime, Otto Kolschowsky and his two sons, who ran a family meat wholesale shop, call Otto & Sons were attempting to develop their company and became one of the four suppliers for a new eating place called McDonalds.The Kolschowsky family continued to move forward and started employing the newest technologies within their meat processing business, resulting in them becoming more proficient in producing frozen hamburger patties.

As time passed, McDonalds would open more restaurants and wanted Otto & Sons to be their only distributer. This was a great opportunity for the Kolschowsky, but they needed financial assistance.This is when Sheldon Lavin enters the picture as their financial consultant and financier to cement the deal with McDonalds. He did not realize he would become the head of the Otto & Sons operation.He continued to give advice and later partnered with the sons, after the father retired.

In 1975, Otto & Sons became OSI Group.As Sheldon continued to help with the company, he soon found himself in the leadership role and this move would be become a game-changer.With joint ventures and acquisition, OSI turned into a global enterprise, advancing into multiple territories around the world, including Germany, India, Poland, Mexico, Japan and the U.K.

Today, OSI Group/Industries processes more than quality meat items; it also furnishes vegetables, sauces, and dough products.
Currently, the company is operating in more than 17 countries and has at least 70 facilities. They have provided approximately 20,000 individuals with employment.Mr. Sheldon Lavin has no plans to retire yet, but plans to join forces with more food processing businesses and proceed with maintaining OSI Group/Industries status as an exceptional commercial institution.

When he is not busy with finance and acquisitions, you will discover him participating in various benevolent programs, including The Ronald McDonald House, United Negro College Fund, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Inner City Foundation and various Jewish organizations.You will also find him enjoying time with his three children and grandchildren.

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