Spotlight on Porfirio Sanchez’s Decision on Televisa

Porfirio Sanchez received a call from the executive VP of Grupo Televisa, Alfonso de Angoitia. He was then the finance secretary’s advisor and was about to leave his position to take up a job at the World Bank. Alfonso encouraged Porfirio to make the move by telling him that it was much fun working at Grupo Televisa instead. Sanchez agreed to make the move to Grupo Televisa and is currently the director general in charge of special projects and economic analysis on behalf of the group. His responsibility involves making decisions on issues to do with telecommunications and marketing.

30 Promises in the 30 of 2014

Expansion magazine opted to use it as part of its ’30 promises in the 30′ of 2014. YOO was one of the many projects it carried out. YOO refers to a marketing tactic that packaged internet, television as well as telephony channels. It also unified in the first place the basic plan in a number of cable companies like Cablemas, Megacable, Cablevision Monterrey and Cablevision. Gil Diaz, Porfirio’s former boss stated that the marketing strategy proposed some new commercialization methods. Earlier, Ernesto Piedras, the consultancy director at The Competitive Intelligence Unit, had met Porfiria at Avantel. He stated that Porfiria was wearing a shirt that was favoring a competitor.

About Porfirio Sanchez

Porfirio Sanchez is currently the CEO of Editorial Televisa, a position he took over in June 2015. Previously, he was the chief of staff corporate vice president at Televisa. Porfirio Sanchez attended Carnegie Mellon University in 2012 at the Institute for Software Research. He also undertook a Stanford executive program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics degree from ITAM where he attended from 1994 – 1998. Porfirio Sanchez is highly skilled in strategic planning and business strategy.

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