Stephen Murray: A Unique Philanthropist

For those to whom much is given, much is expected. That has long been the thinking for people who find themselves with great wealth and the opportunities to help others. Such was the case with Stephen Murray, who always used his philanthropic skills in the best possible ways.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the private equity firm CCMP Capital, Stephen was always able to focus not only on the best business opportunities, but also on ways to help others. Because of this, he regularly found himself working with a variety of charities that helped people of all ages.

One of his most passionate causes was the well-known Make-A-Wish Foundation, which makes dreams come true for children with terminal illnesses. As a member of the Chairman’s Council for the New York Make-A-Wish Foundation, Stephen was instrumental in ensuring the dreams of many terminally ill children were realized.

In addition to his involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital also played a part in many other charities as well. As a graduate of Boston College, he regularly gave money to his alma mater in order to help students who needed financial aid or other assistance – Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Stephen Murray was also known for giving his time and money to Columbia Business School, making sure students were able to receive the education needed for future success. Having earned his MBA from Columbia, Stephen was committed to helping the school maintain a high level of educational excellence.

Along with higher education and working with ill children, Stephen also had a soft place in his heart for the preservation of history and culture.

Because of this, he found himself giving much of his time and money to various museums in the New York area, with the Stamford Museum being one of his most important causes. Always a believer that society needs to remember its past while embracing the future, Stephen worked tirelessly to make sure this happened.

With such a long history of giving to others, there is no doubt other philanthropists will have a hard time matching the achievements of Stephen Murray.

Whether it’s helping ill children see a dream come true or making sure museums and schools have the funds necessary to develop and implement new programs, Stephen Murray made sure this happened.

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