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Davos Financial Group of companies was started in 1993. Davos was the first company to provide financial advisory services for selected clients in Venezuela. Since its inception in 1993, David J. Osio has served as its CEO. As the founder of Davos, David has provided excellent stewardship that has seen the firm increase its income besides expanding its operations. In strategic cities such as Miami, New York, Panama and Geneva, David has successfully created licensed and independent corporations.

David’s management zeroes in on tailor-made solutions that uniquely address the expectations and demand of each individual client. David gained immense leadership experience while training with the American Banking Association and the Swiss Bank Corporation. Currently, each of the independent and licensed corporations has entered into agreements with leading banks around the globe. This way, they have created a competitive and diversified investment platform. The success of these agreements has been anchored on constant dedication as well as adherence to the banking regulations and international standards. In addition, research and education has accelerated the rate of growth at Davos Financial Group.

David is a graduate of the Catholic University Andres Bello. This institution is one of the highly ranked universities in Venezuela and Latin America. David’s career started in 1981 when he was appointed to serve both as the CEO and President of OPED enterprises. Here, he was in charge of coffee export programs. Later, he served LETCO commercial Companies in an executive position. In this position, David was mandated with the duty of structuring marketing programs for different industrial products in the US. This information was originally reported on David Osio’s webpage as explained in the following link

In 1984, David joined MGO law firm in Caracas. Here, he gained much experience in banking law. At MGO, David was responsible for dealing with corporate clients that includes Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. David’s extensive experience in banking and his success as a legal advisor saw Banco Latino International (BLI) enlist his services. BLI is located in Miami. In a period of less than 2 years, David had been promoted to become the vice president of the banking commercial. In this position, David played an instrumental role in enhancing the value of customer portfolio and the bank’s position in the international arena.

Companies affiliated with David have maintained and promoted corporate social responsibility. His companies have been working with different non-profit making institutions to support those in need. In the past, David has supported foundations like the MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra), Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, UMA Foundation, EPK Foundation, Fundana Foundation and Saludarte Foundation among many other initiatives.

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