Susan McGall’s success in a male dominated world

The fight for women to get the same opportunities as men has been on for years now. In response to women’s plea, several measures have been taken to ensure that women get the same opportunities as men. Even statistics encourages more corporations to do the same. They show that companies that have women in leading positions are more successful than companies who don’t by 15% and those that are ethnically diverse by 35%. The justification given for these results is that these companies are bound to be open to diverse ideas and accommodative of them compared to companies that have one gender dominating.

In as much as women have been given these opportunities, only a few of them step into the opportunities. Susan McGall, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, says this is because women do not get the support they need from their fellow women in the profession. She says a good way to help women to actually step into the opportunities availed for them is to have them sponsor each other. A woman who wants to become an executive should look for a sponsor; another woman already in the executive position. This will give her the chance to prepare and be ready when the position for her to become an executive presents itself.

Susan McGall has had a lot of opportunities to share her views on women ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ in many meeting. Her success at American Eagle Outfitters has been an inspiration to many women who want to make a difference in their professions. She started at American Eagle Outfitters when most of the senior positions were occupied by men. Regardless of this, she was confident in presenting her ideas at work and outdid herself in every task she was entrusted with. This made the bosses notice her. As a result, she got one promotion after the other and by the time she was leaving to start her own company, she was named president!

McGall says her confidence at work was as a result of her upbringing. She was raised by a dad who was a coach and two brothers. No one at home went easy on her just because she was a girl. This made her learn to put her best foot forward regardless of the gender of the audience.

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