Talk Fusion’s Latest Update

The technology company talk fusion recently created some improvements to one of their programs. The company just released an improved and updated version of Live Meetings, a program that allows for complex live communications. The latest updated includes an improved interface. Furthermore Talk Fusion has implemented the WebRTC system. Founder Bob Reina recently announced these program improvement in a live broadcast.


The improvements to Live Meetings is quite an upgrade. The program is already quite convenient allowing users to send videos and hold video-based conferences. It allows as many as five hundred participants across various platforms including PC’s, tablets and smartphones. The latest upgrades take this technology even further. Now users can take advantage of software that does not require any additional downloads. Users no longer have to bother with Adobe Flash Player as they can the program through their web browser.


Talk Fusion’s mission for years has to be an innovator in their space. They continue to achieve this goal with their latest upgrade. When it comes to programs involving WebRTC they are still the leader. The company continues to be progressive in attracting new users.


Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina has been making his presence felt in the technology world for quite some time. Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Reina is responsible for the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution. He has a passion for for network marketing and technology which has led him to his current position. Talk Fusion was born out of a need that Reina had in his own life. While attempting to email a short video to his mom Reina found that he could not complete this task through AOL. With help from a friend, he was able to complete this task and thus Talk Fusion was born. Today Talk Fusion does business in more than 140 countries. The company continues to thrive under Bob Reina’s leadership and should continue to impact the technology world for years to come. Learn more:




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