The ever-growing role AI Technologies Is Taking In Digital Marketing And E-Commerce

One of the most influential technologies in the modern world is the artificial intelligence. Its impact is being felt in almost all sectors and industries. Job operation, especially in digital marketing and e-commerce, is increasingly becoming subject to Artificial intelligence. Most importantly, the areas of digital marketing and e-commerce are experiencing such influence, and it is vital to try and look at some of the roles and impacts that AI technology is exerting on the two fronts.

AI Technology impact in Digital Marketing

According to a report by Forester, investments in AI technologies will rise to 300% in 2017. Most of the technology bigwigs like Facebook, Google, Apple Inc., et al. are putting more emphasis on the Artificial Intelligence technology. AI is meant to make it easier for marketers to carry out their tasks. Artificial intelligence is increasingly maximizing the result while at the same time minimizing the manual works. It is easier to process huge volumes of data using AI technology and gather useful insights as well.

Artificial Intelligence technology is helping digital marketers, and business leaders predict and address customer needs. Through AI technology, digital marketing can enhance customer experience. The inclusion of AI technology in digital marketing has helped marketers in their field such as carrying analysis on areas that they should put more emphasis, to satisfy customers. Digital marketing is a fast-paced front, and many companies are taking advantage of AI technology to advance their ability to make the customer experience more seamless.

AI Technology Role in the world of E-commerce

Part of the role that the AI technology is playing in the world of E-commerce today is assisting in timely solution to business challenges. With AI technology, sales teams are easily identifying potential customers to their products. This is however done without encroaching on the customer’s space or time. For instance, besides using AI to deter shoplifters through CCTV, facial recognition is being used to capture customer’s dwell time on a product. The information is stored until the customer makes the next visit. On a more noteworthy aspect and role of this technology, e-commerce companies are now able to engage with prospective buyers via a strategic messaging and a preferred channel of communication. E-commerce sites now can engage their shoppers at a personal level. The AI assists the shoppers through their preferences and patterns based on their previous usage.

Adopting AI technology is helping e-commerce in providing cutting-edge experience to their customers. The role of AI technology in e-commerce is to help in putting forward the best policy for their potential and existing customers.

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