The Mighty Fortress Providing a Safe Haven

Vintage is mostly associated with beauty because it is rare and old. The same idea is perceived when discussing some of the most beautiful churches in Minnesota. The churches that catch people’s eyes are the ones having a stunning architecture as well as a historical affiliation. One of the fascinating churches in Minnesota includes Episcopal Church of Our Savior. The church is located in Little Falls, and it was constructed in 1903. John Sutcliffe made a significant contribution to the construction of the church because he designed it. The design integrates Gothic and Tudor styles of architecture. The church was also designed to have half-timbered stucco on the top and local fieldstone at the bottom section.

Another church on the list is the Church of Our Lady of the Angels. It is located in Sauk Centre and from the outside the church is plain and simple, but it has an enchanting interior. The interior has Mary, the mother of Jesus rising from the clouds. The image is captivating you might keep staring at it. The Church of St. Mary located in Melrose is another beautiful church. The church has a ravishing exterior with the Romanesque architecture and the pair of identical steeples. However, the interior is more magnificent with ceilings which are painted blue and its dome made to appear like stars in the sky. The altar is beautiful as well, and it was imported from Germany.

Lakewood Memorial Chapel located in Minneapolis is also in the category. The church holds a historical connection having been built in 1910. The dome of its chapel is 65 feet high, and the stained-glass windows found on the exterior are capable of telling the season and time. The interior is also lovely with gold and silver fused glass, colored stone and marble forming a mosaic pattern. The Mighty Fortress is a church; however, it’s not on the list, but the church provides a safe atmosphere for worship and personal spiritual growth. The church invites everyone including people from different races and cultures, and it is led by Bishop T. R. Williams. He started the church with the aim of spreading the word of God. Bishop Williams is also a family man, committed to loving God and the family as well as the people he ministers to.

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