Waiakea Water: Bottled Water with a Difference

There’s no doubt that the bottled water industry is crowded. Just walk into any shop and you will notice more than ten brands of different bottled waters. Although each brand claims how its water it’s the best, they are selling the same thing. The only difference is how they package their products. However, there is one bottle water company which is focusing on not just quenching the thirst of the users but also changing the world in general. This brand is the Waiakea water. So, what attributes make this bottled water to stand out from the rest?

Waiakea Water is a bottled water company that is based in Hawaii. When we hear of Hawaii, the first thing that comes to our mind is the nature. This explains why most food products from the region are considered natural and healthy with minimal additional chemicals. The same applies to Waikea. The name of the company was coined from the Hawaiian dialect ‘wai akea’ which when translated means ‘broad waters.’ Waiakea was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. Ryan who was raised in Hawaii discovered something unique about the water in the area. It felt different from other bottled water. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.
Natural water

Waiakea is a natural volcanic water that boasts of numerous health benefits. The water traces its origin to the Big Island of Hawaii where it is filtered through the rocks of Mauna Loa volcano. From this sources, you can conclude something about the content of the water. It has a unique pH and mineral composition, something that you cannot find in any other bottled water. This is just one of the reasons why Waiakea is described as an all-natural water.


Another reason why Waikea has attracted everyone’s attention is that it focuses on conserving the environment. It achieves this through its biodegradable packaging material. Most bottled water in the market use plastic for packaging. The dangers of this material cannot be underestimated. Tones of plastic bottle end up in water bodies and they interfere with the aquatic life. Most people tend to handle these bottles carelessly and in doing so, they pollute the environment.

Waiakea water uses degradable plastic bottles. Such bottles cause no harm to the environment. As if that is not enough, the company delivers its products using low-emission vehicles. This explains why the company has a Carbon Neutral certification. Visit forbes.com to know more.
Giving back to the community

Waiakea water is more than just a profit-making company. It also places some emphasis on making the world a better place. The company name has featured several times in the media because of participating several charitable campaigns. For instance, Waiakea water entered into a partnership with Pump, Aid, a charitable organization that aims at making clean water accessible in rural parts of Africa. So far, the project has helped more than 1.35 million people to access water. Apart from donating water, the organization has installed thousands of water pumps in remote African villages.

Waiakea water scores highly when it comes to taste and feel. It has an extra-smooth texture and a refreshing effect. There’s no doubt that this is a bottled water with a difference.

View: https://www.10bestwater.com/brands/volcanic/

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